The Construction Industry is in our hands

Construction is an ancient human activity, we can say that those building activities are as old as humans and the history can be too expansive, but what is clear is that there has been continued growth innovation that has let us to the industry we know now.

Over the years the materials and methods for construction have changed, intending to achieve optimal energy performance, this is meant to reduce the amount of energy consumed while maintaining or improving the level of comfort in the building.

Furthermore, an integrated approach to building design must be aware of the environmental problems created by this activity, as the Construction Industry generates a significant portion of environmental pollution, is responsible for particulate emissions, and the operations cause water, soil and noise pollution and many more environmental problems that can compromise future generations.

Good construction practices can help to overcome these problems, as well to control and prevent pollution by creating sustainability goals and committing to supporting the future of the construction industry and social health, creating a low-carbon economy and a sustainable future.

In addition to the Energy performance target and Good sustainable construction practices, there are building codes that protect public health and safety by setting a minimum standard for construction quality, structural integrity, durability, livability, accessibility and especially fire safety.

In BC, 3 codes guide construction and renovation:

1. BC Building Code

2. BC Plumbing Code

3. BC Fire Code

This code governs how new construction, building alterations, repairs and demolitions are completed, committed to selecting the effective materials and methods and establishing sustainable practices.

As we can see, the construction industry will be always there and we witness its growth and impact in our lives. That is why Construction must be addressed on green building techniques and operations, so we can protect the air, soil and water. Our goal is to keep innovating maintaining the environment clean for future generations.

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