Construction waste in Metro Vancouver accounts for one-third of the total waste. Metro Vancouver aims to increase diversion rate of waste to 80% by 2020, diverting materials such as wood and metals from disposal to recycling.

As a boutique construction company, FPML live sand breathes sustainability. We strongly believe in building a better future the next generation of leaders; and therefore, FPML collaborates only with like-minded companies by implementing sustainable practices and procedures like deconstruction of materials for re-use or recycling, using sustainable products for buildings and designing for sustainibility.

As a General Contractor, we stand committed to our stakeholders and clients to lead by example and continually improve on our sustainibility practices creating a positive impact to our future year after year.


Focus Project Management believes that while building a business in the local community, we also need to have a scoial responbility give back to the communities in need. That is why FPML is a member of the Lions Club International Community to serve.

Lions Club’s vision is to be a global leader in the community and humanitarian servivce. It empowers volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions Club.

FPML is a avid donor and volunteer to the Lions Club Chinatown, where members volunteer their time to help with seniors care assistance and assist other organizations’ cause to end homelessness around Chinatown area, such as the Union Gospel Mission.


As part of an industry where injuries in the workplace happens more often that not, FPML has a strict commitment to workplace safety and therefore we are Contractor Check Certified.

Contractor Check is a rigorous health and safety compliance company. They assess and accredit contractors like us across the country to provide client with contractors management tools to maintain health and safety compliance and reduce risk.

FMPL believes that each employee plays a key role in preventing workplace injuries; and therefore, we provide and offer each of our employees first aid training. Employees has a role, the right and responsibility to know all safety precautions, risks and injury management.

FPML strive to create a healthy and safe workplace by implementing the following to all our employees and job sites:

  • Health Safety Plan Program to each job site
  • Safety Orientations to all crews
  • Continual and Periodic Safety Inspections
  • WorksafeBC guidelines