Quick Patching Compound for Drywall

Before painting a wall you should make sure that its surface is completely prepared. In some cases, after finishing mudding and taping and just when getting ready to paint you may discover small nicks and holes in the wall’s surface that inevitably will force you to do some patching again.

We are moving onto the painting stage in one of our projects and I would like talk to you about one of the products that our guys use to work on those little patches, it will help you to speed up the process and to get a perfect finished wall.

A couple of years ago, Tim one of our guys was looking for drywall mud, if you have been in this situation before you might know how overwhelming this can be due to the variety of compounds available on the market. After going through some of the products, he decided to try Sheetrock Patching Compound number 5 and since then he has been using it in many projects.

“It is one of my favorite products for drywall finishes, it is great for patching small holes, very convenient when you are in a hurry and there are some unfinished spots that you may have missed during the mudding or even just to fix the surface. You are likely done in about 30 minutes!”, Tim Shares.

The CGC Sheetrock is a powdered drywall compound that react when water is added to speed up the hardening time. In general, powered mudding tends to shrink less than the all purposes premixed muds.

This type of compound is for interior gypsum panels, this in particular sets in approx. 5 minutes, but you can also find it in presentations for a set time of 20, 45 and 90 minutes which allows for one-day finishing. It has exceptional bond strength and is ideal for heavy fills, covering fasteners and filling voids.

Another feature of this product is that it provides low shrinkage making it great for nail-pops. And last but not least, the product is easy to mix and apply. The Sheetrock Patching Compound number 5 is a mixture for immediate use however the disadvantage is that it dries very quickly, so the application must be fast and precise.

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