Millwork Shop Drawings

Do you ever wonder why shop drawings are so important?

Shop drawings are a key element of any construction project. A shop drawing is produced by the supplier, manufacturer or contractor. They help with the production of a product and ensure that the components are manufactured correctly to fit into the space.

Shop drawings are produced for windows, appliances, elevators, trusses, cabinets, carpentry, and many more. Specifically speaking, millwork shop drawings are a set of blueprints that give direction in the manufacture of architectural millwork or casework, also help to determine an outright success of your project, that is why it needs to be approved by the construction manager and client before fabrication.

Here are some advantages of having millwork shop drawings in you project:

1. Shop drawings help the contractor and client to address some of the conflicts or issues that may occur at an early stage of the project. Which helps at the same time in the final cost, avoiding mistakes that can cost you money, affecting your budget.

2. Having shop drawings helps to carry out your project more smoothly for all the people involved. Because it showcases the product structure and details that are aligned with the client’s requirements, ensuring that everything is precise and accurate.

3. Shop drawings must have enough detailing to showcase the exact product structure. Every detail is communicated with the client, and must be verified and approved by them, this helps to improve the communication between the client and the contractor.

4. The manufactured millwork should have accurate dimensions prior to installation, shop drawings play an important role in verifying that the dimension on the site match with the drawings.

5. Shop drawing helps the supplier, manufactures, and contractor to review construction materials and methods at the start of the project.

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