COVID-19 Adapting to the new normal

This has been an interesting and challenging time for communities around the world. It has brought imaginable economic, personal and social problems. Beyond that, as the pandemic continues to evolve, it has provided an opportunity to pause and rethink the way we were doing things and adapt our lives and operation models to handle a Post-COVID-19 world.

It is still a period of uncertainty and doubts for everyone. However, companies need to reinvent and prepare for this new season, understanding best practices and developing new practical and conceptual strategies.

As a Construction Company, safety has always been our number one priority and since the construction industry was declared an essential service in early stages of COVID-19 outbreak by the B.C. government, we needed to respond to the pandemic immediately by improving our company health and safety protocols, procedures and operations to keep our workers and clients safe and minimize the spread of the virus.

What is Focus doing?

1. Physical distance

– As the first step, we are ensuring the right number of people in the office and on-site.
– To minimize the risk of transmission, team members have their workstation and we maintain a distance of 6 feet between each.
– We implemented a greeting without handshake or any form of contact between team members, customers, trades, etc.
– We limit in-person meetings. Any meetings with more than four people should be online.
– We number of visitors on-site and in the office is limited.

2. Hygiene and cleaning

– We encourage everyone to have effective hand-washing, when team members get to work, before and after breaks, after handling cash or common items and after using the washroom.
– We provide hand sanitizer at each workstation.
– Use of mask and gloves in crowed spaces.
– We eliminate shared items where cross-contamination can occur.
– Team members eat lunch at different times or must eat at their workstation.

3. On site Safety Plan: As part of our site safety orientation, we guide our client and the different trades involved through the COVID -19 Safety Plan.

– Site occupancy limit.
– Different trades cannot work at the same time.
– We provide two hand sanitizer on each site.
– Workers must maintain a distance of 6 feet.
– Site visits are limited.
– Client on-site meetings should be when there are no trades working.

4. Polices:

– Workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 must isolate themselves and follow the protocols.
– Anyone with possible symptoms should notify and self-isolate.
– It is possible to work offsite or remotely depending on the circumstances.

We are constantly updating ourselves on the current situation and following WorkSafe BC guidelines in order to be one-step ahead, communicating to our team and clients about the protocols that must be taken.

It has certainly been a difficult time for everyone, but we are pleased to say that this challenging season has brought numerous growth experiences to our company. We have worked together to support each other in all aspects, allowing us to get closer as a team, we have been working with more passion and dedication to deliver a good service to our clients. Furthermore, we are ready for a post-COVID-19 world, working together to build your dreams.

Let us know about your experience, and what are you doing to adapt your business in this season?


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