Combining Flooring Materials

There are numerous flooring materials you can use on a commercial project, each with its own pros and cons, styles, and patterns. It is important to understand the needs of the space, the traffic and the look you want to achieve to choose the right material for your business space.

Combining flooring materials is always a convenient and appropriate option to create an efficient, comfortable and aesthetical space. Mixing flooring materials can visually divide the space, allowing you to create a more open and continuous room without walls or partitions. Besides, you don’t want the entire space to be made of the same material, you may need to choose a different material that suits a particular area of your commercial space, not all floor types will suit all rooms.

We recently completed the new 3.1615 sqft office space for The Now Group in the downtown area. Focus Project Management was selected to be the general contractor and bring to life their new office, integrating their brand identity throughout.

In this project, we combine different floor materials that created functional, professional and welcoming environments.

Reception area

The goal was to create a stylish and pleasant reception area that accurately embodies the tone of the company. This space was the most important for the client because is the first area that clients and visitors will see, so it is a space where visitors should feel welcome and comfortable.

When it comes to the reception area, the flooring material should be highly durable since is a space with heavy usage and a lot of traffic. For this reason, we used ceramic tile with a concrete look. Ceramic tiles are made of various minerals and clays that create a solid, durable and hard material with protection against abrasion and stains. Furthermore, it can stand high levels of humidity. Aside from that, this material is easy to maintain and take care of, vacuuming or sweeping its enough in a regular basis.

In addition, you can find ceramic tiles in a wide range of sizes, colors and patterns; also, tiles can be cut and shaped into different forms such as rectangles, triangles and planks.

Office Area

The office space was built with carpet tile; this material is one the most popular and best floor-covering options for commercial spaces. Many tenants and landlords use carpet tile in the majority of the office space since it gives a comfortable environment with a smooth surface and helps keep the noise levels low, perfect for an office space.
Carpet tile is always a good choice for a commercial space, it is easy to install, and it is durable and versatile. It comes in a wide range of patterns and colors that allows for great design flexibility, you can mix and match to create different and creative configurations.

For this particular project, we used Achromatic tile (5T107), color black with grey lines. This carpet is a good option for business spaces as it is stain resistant. We have used this tile in many projects because it provides a neutral and aesthetic look, easy to combine with other flooring materials and with the overall design of the space.

Sometimes, new tenants are concerned about the maintenance of carpet tile. However, you can find waterproof carpet tiles where moisture, spills and stains are no longer a problem. With regular and consistent cleaning, carpet tiles are able to maintain their appearance for years.

Kitchen Area

When it comes to kitchen flooring, the material you choose should be practical and durable, as this space must withstand heavy traffic, spills, stains and various foodstuffs.

Vinyl tile is one of the most popular materials in commercial projects, as it is waterproof, scratch and stain resistant, making it a good choice for areas in contact with water, liquids, etc.

We used Streams town vinyl for the Kitchen, sever room and back entrance of the new office for The Now Group. This type of material is durable and economic, is made of natural and synthetic polymer materials. One great feature of this type of flooring is that it can simulate other materials, like naturals stone or hardwood, in this case the Streams towns has a wood appearance that match with the kitchen and overall design of the space.


Check some photos of the result!!

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