An interview with Tim and Adis / ( Painting )

In many of our projects, not to mention that in all of them, there is painting work. It may seem like an easy task to do, but the truth is that is more challenging than it looks. First impressions are important, and quality paint is vital if you want to attract new tenants and make a good impression of the space. The best way to approach this task is by taking certain steps and using the right tools.

For today´s blog, we wanted to bring two of our team members to tell us a little bit about their painting process, the tools and materials they use, and some of their secrets for producing a great-looking paint job.

What are the steps to paint a space?

Before painting a space, we do some prep work. We remove all the furniture and fixtures, cover or mask off the surfaces that will not be painted like windows and doors and, in case the floor is installed, we cover it with cloths or cardboard to protect them from paint drips and splatters. We make sure to clean all the walls and ceiling for a better adhesion of the painting in the surface before painting.

Paint the ceiling:

Once the space is ready and set up, we proceed to paint the ceiling first. We apply first a layer of primer to seal the ceiling; this coat is to prevent the surface from mold. When the primer is dry, we apply the first coat of color paint and we wait for it to dry to apply the second and last layer of paint.

Paint the Walls:

The next step in painting a room is the walls. We apply primer coat on the walls and sand it when it dries to remove bumps and ridges, then we proceed with two coats of paint, this will give durability, protection to the wall and it is necessary to get the real color of the paint. We wait for 2 to 6 hours for each layer to dry before applying the second coat.

What materials and tools do you use?

It depends on the surface we are painting. If we are painting a flat wall or a ceiling, the best way is to use a paint roller, but if it is an open ceiling we use a sprayer, it will help to cover the surface faster and more effectively

We use a brush for edges or corners where the ceiling meets the wall to ensure that the paint covers areas the roller might miss and the same around windows and doors.

In general, when we are going to do a painting job, we always have on hand an airless paint sprayer, brushes, paint roller, ladders, paint trays, dust mops, cloths, painter´s tape and of course the paint we are going to use. Sherwin-Williams paints, it is a good quality product, easy to work with, dries quickly and is durable.

What safety equipment do you use for painting?

Of course, that is vital in any construction job, and painting is not the exception, some paints contain harmful vapour or chemicals that can cause disease, so it is important to wear masks or respirators when sanding or painting.

In some paint jobs where we use paint spray, we need a respirator (HEPA), safety glasses (Goggles), and we wear full body coverall and we make sure to use the spray 12 to 24 inches from surface.

What do you like about painting?

Tim: Painting is very relaxing and calming. It reminds me of my father. He was the one who thought me everything I know and brought me into this world; it brings me good memories, good times working with my father.

Adis: For me, it is also relaxing, the most calming construction job of the many we do. When I am painting a space, I have deep thoughts about my life and it helps me reduce stress. Also with Tim we always have a good time working together, especially when painting I am not sure why, we have deep conversations.

Tell us about your painting experience?

Tim: I have worked doing this over 25 years now, working in different countries and companies. Over the years you develop your own technique and you know which are the best products to use.

Adis: My painting experience started when I helped my mom paint her house about 6-7 year ago, and it was something I really liked and enjoyed doing it. Since that, I got into this industry, I also do more things, but in terms of painting, I have learned over the years new techniques, products and procedure to get the best result, being effective and precise.

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