6 things to consider when choosing a Commercial Construction Company

When beginning a construction project, wherever is a new space, tenant improvement or remodeling an existing commercial space, choosing the right general contractor is key decision and requires careful consideration of the company’s qualities, skills and experience. Finding the right general contractor is essential to the success of your project, having the right team will save you a lot of problems and headaches.

It is important to understand that construction projects are not just about building a space, installing the floor, making walls or making a space plan, a good general contractor will have a good coordination process, a structured construction plan, deep knowledge and experienced personnel in order to provide exceptional customer experience, guiding the client through the entire construction process, and delivering a product on time, on budget and with less stress for everyone.

Here are 6 key questions you need to ask when you are considering a Construction Company for your Next Project:

1. Does the General Contractor have experience in the industry?

The first question to ask yourself before hiring a construction company is to know how experienced they are in the industry, and it is not just about the years, but about the knowledge and understanding of construction procedures and methods, as well as good project management skills.

In addition, a company with solid and experienced personnel will manage and help you complete your project in a more enjoyable and smooth manner.

2. Is the construction Company focused on Commercial Projects?

The construction industry produces a wide range of products such as renovations, designs, build and repair, and it is also classified into two sectors, residential and commercial construction. Not all projects can be handled in the same way, even if they belong to the same category. There are many crossovers between procedures and skills in commercial and residential projects, that is why it’s so important to make sure to hire the right specialist contractor because a residential-focused construction company can not just do a commercial project if they have never done it before.

Designing and building a commercial space involves a deep knowledge and understanding of building codes, from fire to plumbing codes. Besides, collaboration with subcontractor, suppliers and agents must specialize in this sector as well, to guarantee quality result.

3. What projects has the company done and who are their clients?

When it comes to choosing the right construction company for your project, it is important to take some time and do proper research of the company, review the portfolio, to see what kind of work the have done, this will help you to have a better understanding of the type of projects and results you can expect and see if it meets your expectations and needs.

Feel free and confident to ask for referrals and a list of current clients. This will give you a good idea of the level of companies they have worked with them and the overall reputation.

4.  Is the company licensed and bonded?

Construction projects are large-scale projects. It is crucial to find out if the construction company have a proper license and insurance, this will ensure safety and protection if something happens during the construction work.

5.  Does the Construction Company have good communication and management skills?

To execute a commercial Project, it is important to choose a construction company that communicates clearly and has solid management skills.

In a construction project, there are many people involved, such as the client, consultants, and all the subcontractors that are hired to perform different jobs, such as plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc. Having an effective communication and coordination process will maximize project coordination efficiency and will reduce miscommunication, which will help keep the project running smoothly, on budget and on time.

6. Does the construction company have a good and established network of subcontractor and suppliers?

Another question to ask a potential construction company is if they have a strong and solid network of subcontractors, this will make a difference in the construction project. Having an adequate and experienced team to handle the Project will help the construction company to have access to accurate quotes and a better understanding of the services, products and methods they use.

At Focus Project Management Ltd, we have an experienced and skilled team with a passion for effective construction processes and sustainability. Committed to delivering a Project on time, on Budget and smoothly as possible. If you are looking for a general contractor in Vancouver, contact us and learn more about our full-services we provide.

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