Sustainable Construction

Yesterday, November 3, 2020, was National Construction day! What an important day to celebrate the companies and people that build our communities, workplaces and cities. Focus Project Management could not be more proud and happy to be part of this incredible industry.

In honor of the construction industry and all the dedicated and hard-working people, we want to highlight in this blog the importance of implementing green construction techniques and operations in each project, so that we can continue innovating and building while keeping the environment clean for future generations.

Construction is one of the most important sectors that contributes immensely to our society economically and socially. The construction industry is essential to the growth and development of any nation and it is a diversified sector that involves numerous individuals, developers, property managers, property builders, material suppliers and contractors.

It is clear that construction has brought society continuous growth and innovation year after year, it has provided profitable constructive solutions, it has created many business opportunities, incredible infrastructures that help to the development and security of societies, and healthy environments to work in, increasing the productivity and flexibility of the workforce.

However, as much as this industry provides us with many advantages, it cannot be denied that the construction industry generates a significant proportion of environmental pollution. According to some studies, the environmental impact of constructions contributes from 25 to 40 percent of the world’s total carbon emissions, is responsible for up to 50% of climate change, 40% of energy usage worldwide and 50 % of landfill waste. Not to mention air, water and noise pollution and the destruction of natural habitats.

The industry as a whole must be unified, transparent, and committed to developing and implementing good building practices that can help overcome present problems, prevent future problems, and support a low-carbon economy and a sustainable future for the next generations.

Engineers, architects, and builders around the world are embracing green building practices. Here are 5 simple ways that construction companies can help reduce their impact on the environment:

1. Reduce noise pollution on every site.

2. Use sustainable building material alternatives. You can use eco-friendly building materials like recycled plastic, ferrock, bamboo, or hempcrete.

3. Implement sustainable construction methods,  for example, reduce waste by precisely cutting materials or separating and recycling waste.

4. Use less harmful chemicals and use more renewable construction products.

5. Implement a waste management plan to determine the amount of waste and recycled materials. Also, make sure materials like steel, aluminum, copper, paper, and cardboard are recycled properly.

At Focus, we believe in building a better future the next generation of leaders; and therefore, we collaborate only with like-minded companies by implementing sustainable practices and procedures like deconstruction of materials for re-use or recycling, using sustainable products for buildings and designing for sustainability.

As a General Contractor, we stand committed to our stakeholders and clients to lead by example and continually improve on our sustainability practices creating a positive impact to our future year after year.

What are your doing to protect the environment?

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